Autism Supplements

A Year Really Has Made a Difference

A year ago today, I was pretty down. This is the post I wrote where I mentioned how G was scratching us, sleeping poorly, among other things.

While no big miracles happened with his stem cell injection, or any of his supplements (or the break we had from them all), I am happy that we have still tried a lot of new things in the past year. I am feeling more comfortable – and less down.

We still have a ton of supplements and medicines in our cereal cabinet. From cromolyn sodium, to TRS spray and our newest addition of nystatin, we are getting somewhere, and G is happier and better than ever at this very moment. I kept asking myself, is it really true? The answer is yes.

When I dropped him off at therapy today, he was strongly seeking my approval when he put his jacket on the coat hooks. I am focused on basic life skills lately, just so he can take care of himself, and he usually gets upset when he can’t get his hood on the hook. Today when he finally got that coat on the hook, he got super close to my face, stared deep into my eyes and waited for me to say good job. He smiled and ran off happily to look for a toy. It was a big defining moment of how he really is changing. And for that today, I am happy.

Plus spring is coming. He needs sun on his face and long walks again. We all do.