About Ask Autism Moms

My name is Kayla and I live in Portland, Oregon. I’ve been married for ten years to a really magical guy and have two sweet, unreal kind of boys: one on the spectrum requiring substantial support (known on the blog as G) and one who is neurotypical (known as L).

When I was younger, before getting married and having children, I never knew of all of the difficult issues that parents face as their children develop. Now I know first hand. My blog reveals the issues our family has faced.

Now a little more about me, since the blog will do the rest of the talking for our autism journey.

I’m a sometimes photographer but I’m not busy like I used to be. If you found this page by searching for Kayla Selans Photography or Love Light Lens, in search of your past photo collection, let me know – I probably have them backed up!

Here are a few of my favorite things:

Traveling and feeling constantly inspired has always been important to me. I’ve been to (in order of the going) to Grand Cayman (where I rode a jet ski, got influenza, a double eye infection, and bought a tiny wooden turtle with a moving red tongue), London (where I mostly remember my partner at the time being robbed at knifepoint but also eating such delicious fries with garlic sauce), Amsterdam (standing in a giant wooden shoe and having my first really good coffee), Buenos Aires (the best tasting beef of my life, really magical looking residential streets, hidden gems of restaurants in the countryside, plus meeting Paul van Dyk and trying to take a selfie but I accidentally turned the camera power button off instead of on and he left), Guadalajara (charming and colorful, and the best Mexican food I’ve had), Cancun (seeing Chichen Itza and watching tiny white butterflies fly across the small road as we got closer) County Clare, Ireland (Shannon, Doolin, Ennis, and the Aran Islands – all of which I want to see more of in the future!) and had a beautiful adventure on Kauai (The Garden Isle) in 2019.