Aluminum and Autism Diet Modifications – Mineral and Silica Water for Autism

I’m trying to improve the specific things my son does eat so it’s all even better for him. Instead of coconut yogurt I started giving him Cashewgurt in January thinking that maybe it’s even cleaner. But I am still on the fence and research in the moments I get. For now there is something more simple and perhaps even more beneficial that I can do – it’s about his water. He has only wanted to drink water for almost two years now, which I feel really thankful for. He has never had juice. There were times I mixed juice with an equal amount of water but at some point he started to throw the bottles to the floor. So now I have been looking into what is in his water (and for that matter, to know for our whole family) and how can I maybe add something to it easily to benefit him.

For about a year he has had mostly nursery water or just plain distilled water. I have read about the benefits of drinking water with a high silicon or silica content. It seems like there is zero silica content in any of the current water we drink. So then, of course, I am looking through our friend Amazon for silica products and I just saw this question asked about a silica water product:

there is no real flavor. tastes mostly like water
By Amazon Customer on October 26, 2017
There’s that autism crumb trail following us all around. So silica is present in bottled waters such as Fiji, Volvic and Spritzer. Basically water bottled in Fiji or Malaysia has the most natural silica content. Having silica in your wwater is supposed to carry aluminum out of your body. I have read their is proof that it removes it.
We have been using Nursery brand water for as long as I can remember. The mineral content information for Nursery water with fluoride is here and without fluoride is here. No mention of silica in these huge lists.
So an option is to add silica to your own water. I haven’t looked into all of the “ingredients” of the Nursey water line but I think it’s safe to say that I will not be getting these jugs anymore for the kids. I think I will start getting a more plain jane kind of water and adding things to it.
Other things that I have spotted that might get aluminum out of the body:
  • horsetail herb
  • honey and propolis
  • cucumbers