Autism and Food Allergy Test Results

I really just can’t believe this right now. I just got Gavin’s food allergy results back. It’s basically showing that he shouldn’t eat most all of the foods he is currently living on. These are the results:

Class IV (high to extremely high of IgG antibodies): 
Chicken Egg White,
Chicken Egg Yolk,
Duck Egg Whole, 
(cow dairy) Cottage Cheese, Milk, Whey
(gluten) Spelt, Wheat Gliadin, Wheat
Gluten, Whole Wheat 
Class III (moderately high levels of IgG antibodies): 
(cow dairy) Casein, Cheddar Cheese,
Mozzarella Cheese, Yogurt
(gluten) Rye
Our naturopath says that it is concerning enough to go through with getting rid of *all* of this. This means we have to go back to getting Kite Hill almond yogurt for breakfast, no more egg for breakfast, no milk added to the eggs. The puree he has been eating for lunch with all the fruits and fish oil and almond butter has to change only to peanut butter or cashew butter instead. And for dinner, he always loves to eat a big serving of cottage cheese. So far I haven’t found any good replacement for cottage cheese. (We did go dairy free and gluten free for about two months and it wasn’t exactly easy.) So now at dinner I guess with his tater tots he will have to eat coconut yogurt or something else… and we will need to go back to making a puree of vegetables religiously to get beans and other proteins in this guy. I feel so bad because I know he likes the taste of Goldfish so much and he really does like eating cottage cheese. Plus I have always felt that it was so healthy for him to eat eggs – I even bought pastured eggs locally a few times and thought they were such wonderful eggs for him. We had a good routine going and the only gluten he has really had for about five months or so was Goldfish while we were on vacation last week, or in dire moments in the car or the doctor’s office! So luckily we have pretty much been gluten free and that’s not such a big deal. We already have him eating gluten free bread and have found some tasty varieties of it.