Autism, Diets, Supplements and Worry

I am this point where I want to give up on the dairy and gluten free diet again. Gavin used to babble for weeks at a time until we started being more rigorous with his supplements and overall diet. He hasn’t made mamama or bababa sounds in over two months. But what we did gain is that he is really calm now and more focused. Was this because of supplements or because he is just growing up and getting better? Here’s the backstory.

At our first visit with our first naturopath right before Gavin turned two, she suggested that Gavin take some probiotic powder, eat more fermented food, take fish oil, etc. All very sound advice. I expressed interest that I was worried about toxins in his body. She gave me a urine test kit which I still have in the box almost a year later. The test would reveal heavy metals in his system. I suppose I should still do the test, I just haven’t because it is hard to collect his urine over the course of an entire day. Eventually time went by and I focused on his digestion and not so much on metals. I was giving Gavin B12 drops and Vitamin D drops in his food everyday already and continued on until the summer. I also added calcium magnesium liquid into his food at night which is supposed to also help him sleep, and I think it does.

That led me to naturopath number two, who has specifically worked with kids with autism. She started Gavin on a daily serving of Super Nu Thera powder which is a multivitamin, so I stopped buying B12 and D drops. He also has fish oil (cod liver) everyday at lunch, iron liquid, L-carnitine powder, and a probitotic powder in his water after breakfast. He continues to have cal-mag at dinner, for sleeping and to help digestion.

Recently I added elderberry syrup to Gavin and Liam’s water bottles at least once a day. We haven’t been sick since September, knock on wood. Is it the syrup or pure luck? As with many things, we will never know. Possibly. 🙂