Autism Life is Moving Along: Things We Did Today, Volume 1

I thought I would post a small update about Gavin. We have been working hard and took the iPad away again. I could no longer fly by the seat of my pants. As Gavin gets closer to four years old, I am increasingly worried and afraid that we’re not moving quickly enough. Maybe I am wrong in this thinking, but I just can’t help it. Also in the past few days, Liam was really helping Gavin a lot and being so incredibly sweet to him. It made me have an even higher drive to work harder for Gavin. Liam putting Gavin into his priorities lately was remarkable to say the least.

Today was the fifth day or so of not using the iPad to eat, or using it at all. Gavin is already making different consonant sounds and things are looking up, up and up. I want him to be in our world all of the time – not just floating from one iPad moment to the next. It’s not easy to feed him sometimes without it, but it’s certainly not the worst thing ever. It could be worse, and it’s not! I am so happy to do it. I want him to be able to go back to therapy, or to preschool, and be able to eat with everyone normally and share experiences. We are getting there.

On top of those feel goods, today’s to do list was conquered and we should experience even more gains soon. That sweetie pie is doing so well. I love him so much. I want him to still use the iPad for the educational games that he loves, but so far I am enjoying this time of seeing him free from screens and it’s hard to let him have it as a reward just yet. It’s the closest thing I have to seeing him frolic at our non-existent farm and run around with spicy chickens, smiling in the three months of Oregon sunshine.

On to the things:

  1. Renewed my childcare background check with Oregon (in case anyone needs it if I volunteer)
  2. Emailed Keli about Gavin — who knows if there is space in her preschool but just had to check. Wasn’t confident to ask a few months ago.
  3. Filled out many documents for The Evergreen Center — appointment is August 29th, 10 to 12 PM
  4. Contacted The Pierson Center – going to get an appointment with them too. Gavin and I are going to start going everywhere again and find more answers.
  5. Ordered ingredients to start Gavin on the Nemechek Protocol. The Nemechek Protocol consists of 3 things:

Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fish Oil containing DHA and EPA

And it involves eliminating:
Omega-6 Oils
Digestive Enzymes

“Changing your diet to a cleaner one is very helpful and can give you great gains, but those gains eventually plateau because diet alone doesn’t solve the root issue, which is bacterial imbalance.

Left unchecked, bacteria will simply continue to filter into the small intestine.

Dr. Nemechek suggests that you have to reestablish neurological control of the intestines in order to see lasting results. That’s why the Nemechek protocol addresses the gut AND the brain.

While the oils work to balance the Omega-3:6 ratio, the inulin works to push small intestinal bacteria back into the colon where it belongs, while also feeding the good bacteria. Basically, the good bacteria that’s supposed to be in the small intestine feed off the inulin. This results in an acid being produced that the trespassing bacteria don’t like, which makes them revert back into the colon where they belong.

Studies also indicate that inulin can have powerful immunomodulating effects. (Modifies immune function)”