Changing Gavin’s Direction with Autism – Again and Again – MTHFR Mutations

Here’s the shortest version of our latest news. In January, I was keeping up with a log of Gavin’s sleeping, life without naps and his doses of DMG. He was making really great progress all month without naps and was sleeping til 8 AM mostly. But then for a few days he woke up at 6 and that’s when the bad days started happening and he was frustrated and so tired. It’s safe to say that at the end of January, I fell off the wagon. Not having naps during the day was taking a toll. If Gavin couldn’t figure out that he needed to sleep later in the morning, he couldn’t focus as well during the day. He was having some meltdowns and not able to cope with situations.  So back to Naptown we went. We are doing better now, and still waking pretty early but he is not tired and worn out during the day. I also gave him tryptophan in applesauce for about five dinners in a row. “They” say if you don’t see results in a few doses, then it’s just not working. I’d have to agree. I don’t think it was helping him sleep better or longer. We will revisit this again but not anytime soon.

I also stopped giving him DMG during the past two weeks when we added afternoon naps back. But now the good news is I have finally made an appointment with Portland ND, Dr. Gil Winkelman. I found out about him about six months ago when I was researching about undermethylation. He seems to be the most knowledgeable in the area about it. I really hope he can help us take Gavin to the next level. I feel like Gavin is so close to being able to unlock his speech but he just can’t get there without something – something extra in his diet with a path to his brain to help. Our previous naturopath who will remain nameless here, told me once when I mentioned DMG that “something bad would happen” and didn’t go further. This was during our last phone call visit so as you can imagine our conversation was fast and from topic to topic. After that conversation I haven’t visited her again in person or did any phone follow-ups. I have a feeling like we wasted time and she wasn’t as much into talking about the brain as I was. She seemed to be more into healing with the stomach first and maybe she is right. But I did forget about DMG for a while – maybe too long. I bought it last August and now it’s February. He has taken DMG steadily for only about 2 weeks straight. We thought we noticed some changes in how much he babbled but we need to really get this going again for months to really see.

And there’s more to getting Gavin properly methylated – we might have to move to TMG. But in the end DMG and TMG may not even be the answer. Maybe Gavin needs more zinc (and I have that too in liquid form). And maybe he needs the liposomal glutathione, and on top of it – the methyltetrahydrofolate. It’s probably what I need to take and even Daniel needs. We both have a MTHFR mutation.

I could kick myself over and over. Daniel and I did our DNA tests back in October 2016. I remember reading about the MTHFR mutation and about methylation. I read about glutathione and all of this. I had pieces of paper strewn about with notes on mitochondria and cell energy. Then I got off the path! Gavin at the time was babbling a little again and we were doing some basic supplement changes with his first natoropath months later. So I just thought everything was going to be easier. But – not so easy.

I truly hope our visit next week with Dr. Gil will be a fruitful one and we can finally figure out this part of the puzzle. Maybe it’s the answer for Gavin. If he could talk I would be the happiest person alive.