Conquering the Breakfast Nook Fear

For a couple of years, G does not sit at the breakfast nook. Something about the way the cushions move, or how high the benches are – he doesn’t want to sit here. Even though his legs are so long now, and so close to the floor at the edge of a cushion, he is really terrified of being here. When we try to sit him on the bench, his body becomes stiff as a board and he grabs us, fingers digging into us for dear life. Today we got him to sit with me to eat lunch there, finally. But now we have to do it everyday for lunch until he can sit without crying. By looking at these pictures below you wouldn’t think he was screaming about being there just moments before. After we were done eating he pointed to the floor to ask to leave and scooted right off. About an hour later I asked him to sit there again and he ran away. Our goal is to have him sitting here with us all the time, happy as a clam, climbing out, looking out the window, and feeling great. So here we go.

Day 1: