Exploring Clackamas County Oregon Parks, Family Trips

I have one child with autism so we are always looking for new places to explore to keep ourselves on our toes (or off of them). I made a list of the parks nearby in Clackamas County and thoughts on each. I’ll dive into a Portland Park reviews list as well. Please let me know if you know of a park that’s not on the list or if one opens up.

Parks Visited

  1. Happy Valley Park – been here before a few times, always good, splash pad
  2. Furnberg Park – very pretty and long trail but clothes in bushes
  3. Harmony Road Neighborhood Park this is the tiny park by the swimming class place
  4. DONE Riverfront Park – been here a few times
  5. Ann Toni Schrieber Park – looks good should go soon — boring No
  6. Alma Myra Park – nice shaded park with tall trees -nice enough

Parks Still To Visit

  1. Mount Talbert Nature Park – a lot of trails here!
  2. Altamont Park – looks awesome with a great view
  3. Ella V Osterman Park – looks pretty and lots of trees. small but should go soon
  4. Hawthorne Park – looks mostly okay, has a lot of sand and a little bridge
  5. North Clackamas Park and Sara Hite Rose Garden – Seems like a lot to do
  6. Hood View Park – this is a sports complex mainly but there’s a trail with a waterfall somewhere
  7. Pfeifer Park – looks pretty and nice view
  8. Pioneer Park – this looks cool because it has rocks to step on and there’s a waterfall somewhere here
  9. Risley Park – might be worth it to see the red bridges
  10. Water Tower Park – park by a water tower, worth it to see
  11. Village Green Park – looks pretty
  12. Rivervilla Park – yes
  13. Southern Lites Park – looks good, has a trail

Last On Our List:

  1. Ardenwald Park – very small neighborhood park
  2. Ashley Meadows Park – a neighborhood park that looks better than most
  3. Ball Michel Park – doesn’t look good but live music on thursdays
  4. Bunnell Park – i don’t see a park
  5. Heddie Notz Park – eh
  6. Homewood Park – maybe
  7. Century Park – too small and tiny, not pretty?
  8. Dogwood Park 12215 NE 104th St, Vancouver, WA 98682 Vancouver location looks good, Milwaukie small but is by river though
  9. Mill Park – eh
  10. Rebstock Park – what 12915 SE King Rd. Happy Valley, OR
  11. Scott Park
  12. Sieben Park
  13. Spring Park
  14. Stanley Park
  15. Stringfield Family Park
  16. Summerfield Park
  17. Trillium Creek Park
  18. Trolley Trail