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Gavin is no longer taking naps. Since he is 3 now, I feel like we need to prepare him for going to school next year and for getting a big boy bed soon. Because he wakes up sometimes at night, and then wakes up too early (like 5:30, 6 or 7 – with 7 not being so bad but still it could be better..) we are seeing if he can sleep better and longer without naps. Everyone is different of course but Liam stopped taking naps at around 3 because he went to preschool twice a week. Since we want Gavin to catch up to Liam and be the best he can be, I feel like it’s the right time. Also during this same time I am starting to give Gavin the DMG supplement. So this post will log how napless times are going and the new routine with vitamins. I stopped giving him NuThera when he was sick, so in a week he will be off of NuThera for a month, but he is still taking iron, cal/mag and L-carnitine.

Also Gavin started holding my hand through the crib a lot to fall asleep during the time he was sick recently. He is becoming more attached and letting himself be soothed more easily so I think the time for a big boy bed can happen by the summer! Hopefully the following updates get better and better. This is our year.


Gavin went to ABA therapy a few times during mid-December and got the flu. For two weeks (beginning around Christmas Eve) he slept better than ever although he did have a lot of coughing fits and wasn’t even eating for days. Now that he is better, we have had some sleep issues where he wakes up at 3 or 4 AM and can’t fall asleep for hours. He also has started forcefully throwing his water bottle out of the crib. It is kind of like a tantrum looking thing. Tonight is night two that we did not go in his room at all. We let him cry after throwing the bottle from his crib. In about twenty minutes he fell asleep.

Last night he was awake for three hours. Then he slept until 11 AM.

I got back into the routine today of opening the curtains on his window. I wasn’t doing that for a long time – I think I was in a winter blah mood. I feel like the light coming in when he wakes up will help to reset his clock – his circadian rhythm.

Still have decided to not use melatonin. I read about it again and the body can become dependent on it. I am no expert but it makes sense to me. I don’t want to give him anything that can stop the natural rhythm.

Let’s see what happens tonight. He had a great bath and fell asleep at around 9:30 PM without the sound machine being on at all.

DMG details: He had DMG yesterday (1/4 tsp) at 4 PM. Today he had 1/2 tsp at 12 noon. Tonight he did a lot of babbling sounds in the bathtub – that was the most for the entire day. It seemed like he repeated me at the end of the bath when I said “blah boo”. Maybe tomorrow there will be more!

Screen time details: He has been off of YouTube for about a week now. His birthday gift from my parents helped a lot – a Vtech tablet that he loves. Some days he uses the tablet more than his iPad. I think it has helped him be a lot calmer. He is getting less frustrated when he is playing games on the iPad now. I am going to get more coloring and painting started this week again.


Gavin woke up last night from 3 to 5:15 AM. He slept til 9 AM. Curtains open upon wakeup. He didn’t take a nap today. He has been super happy and made more babbling sounds again a few times like “bah bah boo!” I guess it looks like nap time is going away now that he is 3! It came about in an unexpected way. He ate breakfast around 11 (1 tsp DMG in his water then), lunch at 2, and now dinner at 6:30. We did a lot of writing today and spent a lot of time together – awesome bath time too. I am expecting he will sleep really well. Sound machine is off for bedtime.


Last night was interesting. He fell asleep around 9:00 PM and it was almost instantly. He finished his water and then I took the cup from him. He babbled some and then fell asleep in under 10 minutes. But he woke up at 12:30 (I turned on sound machine again very low), 2 and 3. At 3 it took some time for him to fall asleep but at around 4 he and I were both sleeping again. He wasn’t screaming at least. He woke up again around 6:00 AM. I gave him a water bottle and changed his diaper, put his face in my hands and said, “Gavin, please go to sleep.” Well, he did until 10 AM. He had 1/2 tsp DMG before breakfast and 1/2 tsp after. After that we took him out for a long trip in the car. It wasn’t the most productive because the weather was blah and raining and cold. We did put him in some kiddie cars at the outlet mall. He is afraid of them but he let us put him in two of them. He walked some in the mall and then we went home. While in the car, we noticed that he was doing one of the games correctly on his Vtech tablet – the one where a letter displays very quickly and then a bear hides the letter. You can barely see the letter behind the bear and if you aren’t paying attention you’ll miss it. He guessed the letters right over 10 times until he started pushing some other buttons. This is the first time that he has did what a tablet has “asked” him to do instead of just pushing random buttons. Then later at home there was a game on the iPad where he needs to choose the right letters to finish words and he did those right too! It’s not that he knows what an oven is or a quail, but he knew the letters to fill in the blanks. I am amazed. He is starting to get other things besides sorting shapes, colors, numbers and puzzles. Is this from DMG? Is this because the combo of his new Vtech tablet and no YouTube is unlocking how he thinks? He also babbled a lot more again today and many b sounds. He also made the most “raspberries” that he has in months!

He ate dinner at 6:30 again, was not happy at all to go to the bathtub (too tired or mad about leaving iPad behind) and now is in bed babbling at 8:45 without water bottle and no screaming for another one. It looks like he will chew his blanket and babble until he falls asleep. (Five minutes after I wrote this, he stood up and screamed. I got up but then decided to wait and just look at the monitor. He just sat back down almost immediately after he cried out and laid down again. In another five minutes he was asleep.) FWIW: Sound machine is off again tonight.


Gavin woke up at 12:30 (I turned the sound machine on a little then) and at 3:30. It took him a while to fall asleep at 3:30 after I changed his diaper and gave him water, but he did! He woke up for good at 8:30 and had a great day – it was kind of a rush of a day because we left on a weekend trip with Liam after school.


We are on our trip and go back home tomorrow. Mimi reported today that Gavin slept from 9:30 until 6:30 without ever waking up. She changed his diaper and gave him water at 6:30 and he fell asleep again until 11 AM. This is amazing and I hope he keeps doing this when I get back…


Gavin woke up from 3:30 AM to 5:30 AM and fell asleep until 10 AM.


Gavin woke up at 1:30 AM and 3:30 AM and both times drank water, I waited to take the cup, and he fell asleep. He woke up around 9 AM. He got 11 hours of sleep.


Gavin woke up at 1:30 AM and had water, diaper change and fell asleep. Then he woke up at 3:30 AM, diaper change, water, and chewed his blanket and babbled til 5:30 AM. I gave him one more water and told him to please go to sleep. He finished it, threw it out of the crib and went to sleep. He woke up at 8:45 AM. He was still sleepy but couldn’t get back to sleep after a water bottle so he stayed awake. He had 1 tsp DMG in his water bottle right away before breakfast. He got under 11 hours of sleep.


Gavin had a busy day yesterday. Last night Marlena played with Gavin a long time downstairs, he really used a lot of energy at night and had a kind of early bath. But he still went in the bed around 9 PM and slept until 2:30 AM. He was laughing in his sleep around 1 AM. At 2 AM he made some sounds and I decided to change his diaper while he was sleeping. He didn’t wake up. But at 2:30 AM he woke up. I gave him water and I think I changed him again and he fell asleep pretty quickly. He woke up again at 5:51 AM and I gave him water and changed him. He rolled over to fall asleep after I took the bottle. But once I left the room he stood up, started to chew his blanket, and it took over 30 minutes for him to fall asleep. Then he slept until 8:45 AM. He got under 11 hours of sleep.


Gavin went to sleep at around 10:00 PM last night after a very long and exciting bath with paint and bath crayons. He didn’t go to the crib with a water bottle, instead I held his hand as he fell asleep. He chewed his blanket only for a few minutes, and it sounded like he said “I just take” after he took the blanket out of his mouth while still babblechewing. He slept pretty well – he woke at 3:30 AM, I changed him and waited for him to finish his water. Instead of him throwing the bottle out of the crib he reached out and handed it to me. Then he laid down and fell asleep. I figured he would sleep til the morning but about an hour or so later he woke up at 4:30 AM for some reason. I changed him and left the water with him. He fell asleep in about 30 minutes I think but I fell asleep listening to him. He woke again at 8:00 AM but was still very sleepy and should have slept longer. He got under 10 hours of sleep. Tonight I am starting to give him tryptophan and see what happens. Today he has only had 1/2 TSP DMG.


Gavin took 500mg of tryptophan in his food last night at dinner. I read that proteins can interfere with tryptophan and he didn’t really have much of that at dinner. So I think it was being processed. He fell asleep at exactly 9:00 PM and did not take a bath, he just wanted out of it. He woke at 12:30 AM and his diaper was dry. He drank water, and that made him pee, so I changed his diaper. He fell asleep quickly after I took the bottle and left. Then he woke up at 4:00 AM and again his diaper was completely dry. Hmm. I waited for him to finish his water so I could take the bottle. He started to cry and wanted more water. I left the second bottle with him and he finished it. At some point he threw the bottle out of the crib and fell asleep. I fell asleep on the couch with the monitor still on. It must have taken him under 30 minutes to fall asleep. He woke up at at 9:30 AM. Did tryptophan help him sleep better? I am not sure yet. Why did he wake up those two times for really no reason? He did get about 12 hours of sleep.

I am in a funk today. I have dates marked on my calendar to check out schools for Liam. We have to apply for lotteries and do petitions if I want him to go to a different and better school in our neighborhood. Or we can just move to another house where we love the school. And I know I need to sign up Gavin for the preschool in the next few weeks. It would be best to stay in this house if Gavin would go to the same preschool as Liam. But I don’t think he will be ready. He is still in his own world. So it brings me back to the first issue – I don’t know what school to choose for Liam yet or if we are moving to another house. And where is the house? I am so stressed from not being stable and not knowing how to fix things. If Gavin was already doing more and could follow directions better I would feel better. He is changing but there’s still so many unknowns for me.


Last night Gavin did not want to take a bath at all. It was around 8:30. He fell asleep at 9:15 PM. He made some sounds at 2:30 AM but was still very much asleep. I changed his diaper and left, he was still sleeping. In about 20 minutes he was moving around and I thought he would fall asleep but he stood up and cried a little. I gave him water and waited to take the cup. He cried a little and wanted more water. That time I left the cup. He finished the water and fell asleep in about 20 minutes. He slept until 7:00 AM. I gave him water and left the cup. He somehow fell asleep again until 9:00 AM. I skipped DMG today completely but will give him 500mg tryptophan again tonight. I think it is making him calmer and sleep better but still not really sure. Thank goodness for this log. 🙂 He got almost 12 hours of sleep.


Gavin woke up at 7:00 AM and I gave him water, and he fell back asleep until 9:00 AM. He had tryptophan. He fell asleep around 9:30 PM and woke up at 3:30 AM. After diaper and water, he fell asleep before 4:30.


Gavin woke up at 8:00 AM. He played downstairs today with Mimi for a few hours. This was his dinner and he did not like corn soup and let it fall out of his mouth.

Last night he woke up only at 3:30 AM and slept around 4:00 AM. Then til 8. Here is Gavin tonight when he fell asleep:


Gavin woke up at 8:00 AM. This was his breakfast:

Last night Gavin ate a big dinner and I didn’t give him tryptophan. We used markers before bath time. So bath time was calm but didn’t last long. We did some painting but once I started rubbing Gavin with the washcloth he didn’t like it and bath time was over. He fell asleep almost immediately at 9:30 PM. He made sounds around 1:30 AM so I changed his diaper. He didn’t wake up again until almost 5:00 AM. I changed his diaper and gave him water. I took the bottle and he almost fell asleep. But then he stood up and I gave him another bottle of water. He finished that one and laid down with it and fell asleep. He never threw it from the crib. So tonight’s sleep was even more calm and sound than the previous night.


It’s been a long time, a really long time, since I updated the log. Gavin didn’t last long with the no nap schedule. I can’t really remember what happened after January and why I stopped. I think I was just getting tired of keeping up with it after we went back to needing naps and I was feeling a little lost, and now here I am again. So currently:

  1. Gavin no longer throws his Camelbak water bottle from the crib. We don’t even give him the bottle for naps or night time anymore usually. If we do, he normally hands the bottle to us, or he keeps it in the crib. It’s funny I forgot about this until reading over this post today. I wonder what he was thinking when he used to throw it out.
  2. Gavin goes to preschool Tues/Thurs 9:30 to 12
  3. Gavin goes to speech therapy for about an hour usually Mon/Wed and sometimes on Friday.
  4. I gave Gavin B12 injections every three nights, then every other night, and now he gets one every night. We have a new bag of prefilled, compounded injections of B12, folinic acid and NAC ready to go after the current shots are done. Only about five left now.
  5. Going to preschool and speech therapy, along with these B12 injections, have DEFINITELY helped Gavin. He is making a lot more new sounds, he is happy, but still gets pretty tired and out of it at times. But the gains are BIG. I have a hope that he might say a first word before 2018 comes to an end. (I know, right?)
  6. We are in the process of starting ABA therapy. We may have to leave preschool. I still have mixed feelings about this.
  7. Gavin is still eating limited foods but he has been eating one chicken nugget at night cut as the same size as his tater tot pieces. More foods are on the agenda.
  8. We need to get him drinking out of a cup with a straw that is not soft. He isn’t supposed to keep the silicon straw in his mouth anymore (per speech therapist rec).
  9. We need to look into OT but figuring out the ABA schedule along with everything else first.
  10. Spend more time doing facial massage and using a toothbrush to stimulate his mouth and jaw.
  11. I am beginning to think that Gavin has dyspraxia. The doctors who diagnosed him as having ASD never mentioned dyspraxia, but they weren’t really on top of things anyway. I didn’t like the doctor who diagnosed him – she was just really not personable and wasn’t good at explaining anything. It was not a good experience. I feel like having Gavin re-evaluated by someone else at a different hospital by looking at him now and the history of his recent progress and changes.
  12. We haven’t used the iPad for about two months. I am slowly reintroducing it a few times a week to see how Gavin uses some new applications to gauge his understanding and possibly prepare him for using an AAC device.
  13. Redo his supplement schedule, possibly do a pulse schedule and alternate different ones on different days.

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