Happy New Year 2021!

I haven’t posted in a long time. I have a lot of unpublished drafts that never made it to the finish line! I guess for the past months, since late fall really, we have been home a lot more and at times that was stressful. G loved going to the park almost everyday and we had a big routine going. Then it started to get cold and wet, and we couldn’t always go, and sometimes did not feel like doing it at all. He has been fine again lately, and luckily sleeping really well, so things are looking up again.

G will be 6 in just a few days! We have his big light up number six, giant six balloon, and candles, and a plan for the cake. but this year I am sad that I still don’t have true ideas for what he would like to see most when he comes to his party in our living room. Last year I had balloons everywhere, a lot of Play-doh toys, and toys with numbers. He already got a lot of those things for Christmas. I think most of all, what G wants for his birthday, is a ton of tickles, attention and love. I should be used to not having a “theme” for his birthday or clear direction like most kids would have. But I guess I never will be used to it. And I have to learn that’s okay! Maybe everything will become clearer after this year.

My biggest focus for 2021 is getting G busy in activities again. He has a speech appointment lined up after his birthday at a therapy center which has horses. I have always read how good animals, especially horses, are for kids with autism. We will see how that goes. So far when I show him videos of horses he is just not into it. I have to admit, sometimes horses seem a little scary when they neigh and open their mouths. Maybe he is seeing that too. 🙂 I am totally hoping for a magic horse moment though with G. Take us to the stables!