How Life Has Changed as an Autism Parent

I’m a researcher.

Even if I have time in my day to do something that I’ve been putting off, like to file a raggedy nail or water a wilting plant, I’m usually headed for my laptop. I’ve read many autism parents are like this. We are constantly on the search for new information, new supplements, new guides, inspiration, and tales both cautionary and successful. It’s hard for us to stop. Our brains are always working. We are striving to help our kids all of the time. There is not a true manual for autism, still. So we are all piecing it together. I remember when I placed the Search bar very high on the side of AskMoms, I thought “I have to let the researchers find what they want fast,” because that’s how we like it.

P.S. The plants are safe. My nails – not so much.

I’m turning into a health nut.

And that’s something to be proud of. Although stress eating is still in my repertoire at the moment of writing this, I have learned all about different kinds of diets that some people still have never heard of. It would be beneficial for the whole family to be on these diets, and not just the child with autism. If we follow these leads we will all surely be on the road to wellness for our entire lives. Not to mention all of the interesting things learned about nutrients and how our bodies work to balance our gut and brain connection.

I’m a professional driver.

From driving to school, to therapy appointments, to doctors appointments, to a meeting, or just to a park for a moment to socialize, driving is always in the picture.