Kindergarten Readiness with Autism in Mind

I was going through photos and found an old screenshot of a kindergarten checklist before L went to kindergarten. I remember when I read this and didn’t really think much about it. But I kept it to refer back to. Turns out, almost three years later, I am reading it again and thinking about Gavin.

Raising an eager learner is the goal, and it can be achieved easily through play and day to day activities. Here are the top readiness skills that kindergarten teachers look for:

  1. Excitement toward learning – I can say that G is definitely excited to learn things and wants to.
  2. Talking about thoughts and feelings – This is something that does not yet make sense to G.
  3. Listening to others – In the past two years, this has improved greatly for G.
  4. Desire to be independent – He definitely has this!
  5. Playing well with others and taking turns – G works on this in therapy, and overall has a lot more patience now. But this item is something he needs a lot more practice with.
  6. Following simple instructions – This is also so much better than a year ago!
  7. Ability to hold and use a pencil or crayon – G was really, really good at writing letters and all numbers last summer and the year before that. He lost this ability in the past year and we have got to get it back.
  8. Recognizing numbers and letters – This is 100% already accomplished.

If I read this checklist just one year ago, I would not have wrote the answers above. He has changed a lot and I am happy to say that having 5 of 8 items basically checked is wonderful. I am very confident if we can take care of the other items that he can be ready for kindergarten, with assistance, for fall of 2021.