Live Well Now

“Despite spending much more on health care, Americans are sicker than people in other wealthy countries, with illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and stroke on the rise. So are “despair deaths” from drugs, alcohol and suicide, according to researchers, with social isolation, poverty and addiction laying the groundwork.

What would it take to make sure we are happy forever, and that our kids are too? I don’t want them to have any despair. I think youre supposed to surround yourself with friends and fun. 

1. Eat mostly plants.

2. Try to walk everywhere and that is natural movement, lots of work around the house too.

3. Decrease stress .

4. Cultivate a purpose. Giving time to others not only staves off depression, but doing so with others as part of a larger mission amplifies the benefits.

5. Belong to a group of others who are healthy.

6. Okinawa is where women live longer than anywhere else. Okinawans stay active by keeping “medical gardens” full of vegetables, herbs, and spices that they consume every day. They have ikigai, a strong sense of shared purpose. They maintain deep dedication to friends and family, with social networks, moais, groups of friends dedicated to each other for life. These tribes promise financial support in times of need, allowing for the emotional security of knowing that someone is always there for them.

7. Smoking, obesity, happiness and even loneliness all have been shown to be contagious. So it stands to reason that the longest-lived people live in communities where most people are making healthy choices. Think of this “group mind” as positive peer pressure.

8. Laughter with friends reduces stress, which in turn contributes to less heart disease, improved immune systems and sharper cognitive function.”