Seb and the Sun Book Review

When I read about Seb and the Sun and had a peek at the dreamy cover, I knew I had to get my hands on it for my sons, Liam and Gavin. While Gavin is still too young to understand it, Liam really enjoyed the book. I think I was actually the most excited because I was the one who kept checking to see if it shipped! The book is published by Ripple Grove Press which was here in Portland, Oregon. (But now they have moved to Vermont, which must be incredibly beautiful as well.) Ripple Grove caught my eye last year and I started following them on Facebook right away. It’s rare that I am so excited about one publisher in particular so it’s a real treat to wait for their surprises. They are truly a unique and whimsical publisher!

I was drawn to the story of Seb and the Sun because here in Portland we’re always in admiration of our surroundings, as wet and gray as they may be sometimes. We look forward to the signs of spring popping up in late February. The sight of hot pink blooms on camellia trees and cheery daffodils lets us know that brightness is on the way. Much like Seb wanted to bring the sun closer to home, we feel the same way! My son Liam could relate to this feeling completely since we are often planning our days by checking for sunshine in the forecast. Portland is certainly not as dark as Seb’s coastal town but the similarities of his day to day activities were akin to ours. While waiting for spring, we explore the forest for treasures and jump in puddles until our toes are too cold to wiggle, just like Seb.

Liam and I like the book so much that we took it with us to the park one day. I am always looking for ways to reduce our screen time during these cold, wintery days. So among the beautiful settings at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, we sat on the stones by the waterfall and read it slowly and carefully. We actually noticed a few new things in the illustrations since we were reading it in daylight instead of at bedtime! We studied Seb’s collection of bottles in his room and talked about how we could get a ship into a bottle one day. Then we looked in all of the windows in the town and made sure we didn’t miss anyone.

The book is a perfect read for bedtime because it’s not too long or too short. I like to explain things in the book to Liam and point out everything we see in the pictures. So by the time we are finished, it has been just the right amount of time to get us nice and sleepy. The glowing bottles in the book are like little night lights coming from the pages while we’re in bed. It’s a cozy, dreamy book for any little boy or girl. Say hi to Mr. and Mrs. Muktuk for us when you read Seb and the Sun!