Strabismus, Nystagmus, Double Vision and My Husband’s Surgery Mission

He can be called my husband, my bear, my love – or simply my best friend. His name is Daniel and if he reads this, he will blush a little and I’ll probably make sure to be very close so I can see. My guy has been dealing with eyesight issues for his whole life, but mostly since he reached his mid-twenties. His first surgery for strabismus was done by Dr. Robert Gold in Maitland Florida, when we lived there. Since that surgery, his double vision got worse, his depth of focus became unreliable to the point that seeing the edge of steps was almost impossible.

But in Portland we figured we would have even more experienced surgeons and finding the right person would never be an issue. We didn’t even have to research very much because someone we trust, one of the directors at the company my husband works for, told us it was a no brainer to go to Casey Eye Institute. She said that her mother had successful surgery there and recommended it wholeheartedly. We trusted her recommendation so much and hopped on board to get an appointment. We were placed with Dr. Leah Reznick. Her bedside manner is gentle and warm. Her knowledge and clarification is really spot on. She is a confident and educated surgeon. But the first surgery she performed on my husband was completely off. His double vision was worse than it had ever been in his life. It was the first time he ever felt truly depressed beyond measure about his eyesight – he saw how bad it could really be. And that feeling came from getting a surgery that was supposed to correct! When he covered one eye, the other went to one side, and vice versa. There was absolutely no convergence for his eyes. He would have been better off the way he was before surgery.

We thought she would get it right on the second surgery. She understood his eyes better than anyone else at this point. We were so sure.

But we were wrong again. She fixed the mess up of the first surgery which we are grateful for. But his eyesight is not better than it was before we first set foot into the doors of Casey Eye Institute. We understand that it’s common for some adults (and kids too) to have two surgeries, maybe even three. But we will not be doing a third surgery with Dr. Reznick. The more I read about scar tissue remaining after eye surgeries causing potential issues with future surgeries, I am not sold on surgery alone anymore. I am wondering if prism glasses (now that we are closer in diopters requiring a smaller prism) and vision therapy can help Daniel’s brain get his eyes back on track, without physically adjusting his eyes anymore.

I am now on this curiosity and success fueled search for the best eye surgeon in this entire country, or maybe even the entire world we live in.

The most decorated surgeon in Portland seems to be Dr. Claude F. Burgoyne. He is a current chair for Ophthalmic Research and Director of the Optic Nerve Head Research Laboratory at the Devers Eye Institute in Portland, Oregon. He is also a Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology within the Oregon Health and Sciences University. At this time in his career his specialty is glaucoma. But you can see Dr. Burgoyne’s list of achievements is quite the article to read.

I was curious about how many eye doctors are certried by te in certain areas of the US. So I did manual searches on this site and these are the hand copied results.

There are 177 physicians who have been certified in the Portland area.

In Florida, there were 150 physicians in the  Orlando area.

233 in the Miami area.

739 in Los Angeles area.

461 Chicago.

215 Tampa

468 San Francisco area

239 Seattle

1274 New York City

173 Minneapolis

129 Salt Lake City

591 Philadelphia

614 Baltimore, Maryland area

469 Boston