The Latest Autism Research Finds, Summer 2018

I was searching online one day for more info about chicken broth and its glutamate contents – you know, just a normal day. I came across a blog post by Kaayla Daniel. Not only did we have the same name but her last name is my husband’s name. Anyhow, her post wasn’t about autism or anything like that – just about broth. But as I browsed her other pages I really liked the type of information she was researching. She seemed very knowledgeable in many different directions. So I sent her an email and asked her if she had heard about Laminine, which my son is taking, but no one really has much info about. It turned out that she was going to be a speaker at an online autism conference, one I never heard of, called Nourishing Hope for Autism Summit. Since I missed out on seeing the presentations online, I did some research of my own on what each of the twenty four presenters are about, to see if I could find any more enlightening opinions related to autism from these folks.

Julie Matthews, CNC
Wrote a book called: Nourishing Hope for Autism, for which the summit was named

James Adams, PhD
Lead of an autism/asperger’s team at Arizona State University: Autism Research Program

Martha Herbert, MD, PhD
Co-wrote Autism Revolution

Ben Lynch
Author of Dirty Genes

Tom O’Bryan
Author of autoimmune books and You Can Fix Your Brain and founder of The Gluten Summit

Dietrich Klinghardt
Founder of protocols to help children recover and a big wealth of info on his websites

Tom Malterre, MS, CN
Expert on functional medicine, website at: Whole Life Nutrition

Pete Evans
Believes that a keto diet can help with many conditions, website at: Pete Evans

Trudy Scott, NC
An expert in mood and anxiety.
I have to say when I saw the name of her site, I was impressed because my husband and I keep saying that there should have been a manual about what to do after we hit 30, to prevent things from breaking down in ourselves! Every Woman Over 29

Barry Smeltzer, PA
Functional medicine expert and camel’s milk info: Healing Provisions

Elisa Song, MD
Holistic pediatrician at Healthy Kids Happy Kids

Kaalya Daniel, PhD
A nutritionist and doctor looking past the norm. Camel’s milk research as well at Dr. Kaayla Daniel

Raphael Kellman, M.D. based in New York City, New York
The author of The Microbiome Diet: The Scientifically Proven Way to Restore Your Gut Health and Achieve Permanent Weight Loss. Website at Kellman Center
Specifically treats autism for each child individually at Autism at Kellman Center

Dominic D’Agostino, PhD
Proponent of the keto diet which he says, “reduces neuronal hyperexcitability, oxidative stress and enhances brain energy metabolism.”
Website at Keto Nutrition

Dr. Kurt Woeller, based in
Specialist in biomedical autism treatment, website at Dr. Woeller
But his website clearly links to a lot of other websites he created, and ebooks and what looks like fluff, which is hard to take seriously.

David Berger, MD – based in Tampa, Florida
Treats with medical cannabis
Website at Wholistic Family Care

Nicolas Pineault
Urges to get rid of EMF in the home
Website at Non Tinfoil Emf

Susan Owens
Head of Autism Oxalate Project, one website at Research Gate
Additonal oxalate research info here, here, and here.

Maya Shetreat, MD – based in Bronx, NY
Author of The Dirt Cure: Healthy Food, Healthy Gut, Happy Child
Specialist in mitochondrial dysfunction, website at Dirt Cure

Nicole Beurkens, PhD – Based in Caledonia, MI
Specialist for improving behavior through nutrition
Website at Horizons DRC
“Some patients come to us having sought help for many years and having worked with many professionals; yet they are still experiencing significant symptoms. These types of cases can be very complex, and require through evaluation and treatment planning to get to the root of the problems. Our team specializes in working with these types of complex cases.”

Jill Carnahan, MD – Based in Louisville, CO
Specialist in functional medicine, treating histamine problems, mold, mast cell activation syndrome
Website at Jill Carnahan

Zen Honeycutt
Founder of Moms Across America
Proponent of eating non-GMO, organic, and preventing use of glyphosate and herbicides to stop allergies and autism symptoms
Website at Moms Across America

Kiran Krishnan
A microbiologist specializing in probiotics for neurological health
Interview with Kiran here.

Teresa and Roger Harding
Specialists in selling doTerra
Teresa Harding