Three Year Old with Autism, What I Learned This Week, Yeast and Enzymes

This is really what I learned in the past few weeks. I was reading more about yeast and dietary enzymes. As usual I have no idea what I am doing or what is helping since I still don’t give Gavin one new thing at a time. But at this moment, he has been taking two crushed dietary enzymes in his lunch each day for over two weeks. This is also blended into his puree with fish oil (cod liver). He has been taking that for months now.


Enzymes are macromolecular biological catalysts. Enzymes accelerate chemical reactions. The molecules upon which enzymes may act are called substrates and the enzyme converts the substrates into different molecules known as products.

When you read that, you think well holy moly – of course this should work for anyone. I am not sure what is happening exactly but it does seem like Gavin has been different since taking the enzymes regularly. He likes to lay in the floor a lot and play more by tumbling around. This is new. Most of the time he likes to run very fast and often runs into the couch and bends over into it, his head goes down and sometimes he squishes his stomach into the couch. He hasn’t been doing this very much anymore – he would rather roll on the floor. I see this as a good thing – and this is where the yeast thing comes in.

I joined some Facebook groups about autism, for the first time. My brain is so busy I have avoided things like that but now I see them as a treasure of information and communication. Yesterday someone posted a description of their son that sounded just like Gavin. Months ago, for months, Gavin was chewing his shirt collars constantly. He still has pajama shirts with tiny holes at the top. He just couldn’t stop chewing. But he does still chew his blankets when settling down for a nap, bedtime or when he wakes up. So the blanket thing is still happening. But for about five months now – no more shirt chewing. So something in him has calmed down. Was it because he has been off dairy for 3 months now? That is the biggest solid change but I have no idea.

So the parent I mentioned, they said their son was chewing shirts, and running into couches and putting their head down. This reminded me of Gavin so much. They said they fixed both of these behaviors by giving their son Trienza enzymes. This was eye opening to me because we have been using chewable Klaire Labs enzymes. One of our naturopaths said it would work better if he chewed it but that’s not happening. So I crush them into his food. Still trying to figure out if I should give him one tablet with each meal, or if it’s enough to give him once a day?

When you search online for digestive enzymes it seems there are three most popular ones.

  1. The one we are taking
  2. Trienza

Through the power of suggestion, and because of the suggestion of miracles, I immediately ordered Trienza yesterday just to start trying it. The ingredients differ in these ways:

So maybe, just maybe, something in Trienza is going to work way better with Gavin.